IIC's sole focus is to provide unparalleled global reach and representation to advertisers and media owners alike. The IIC team is informed by 35 years of accumulated market knowldge and experience in connecting North American advertisers with culturally and linguistically diverse international audiences.

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The Media Owners' experience in IIC hands • service, clients, and industry experience

IIC Clients and Service

IIC offers bespoke media representation services with an emphasis on seamless personalized customer support and liaison. Our areas of media expertise include business/finance/administration, IT, luxury/lifestyle, the arts and aviation (military, civil, business and general).

Our clients are guaranteed hands-on, diligent, experienced and creative multi-platform sales support throughout the US and Canada.

IIC Experience and Follow-through

Our many years of experience in international media sales also insure that your media's technical specifications will be successfully adhered to by local creative departments/agencies.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that your invoices will reach the right person in the appropriate billing department. That means your bills get paid more quickly.

Find out how IIC can help your media properties connect with North America's major corporate international advertisers.


Guy Holroyd, President


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